Brumas de Sintra

Ponto de encontro entre a fantasia e a realidade. Alinhar de pensamentos e evocação de factos que povoam a imaginação ou a memória. Divagações nos momentos calmos e silenciosos que ajudam à concentração, no balanço dos dias que se partilham através da janela que, entretanto, se abriu para a lonjura das grandes distâncias. Sem fronteiras, nem limites

A minha foto
Localização: Portugal

O meu nome é Maria Elvira Bento. Gosto de olhar para o meu computador e reconhecer nele um excelente ouvinte. Simultaneamente, fidelíssimo, capaz de guardar o meu espólio e transportá-lo, seja para onde for, sempre que solicitado. e

quarta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2008


Were years of fascination, of memories of terrible pain of immense joy. There were changes, struggles, changes in an overflow of vitality or serenity inspiring capable of illuminating thoughts and ambitions. There were fears that numb negative gestures and words that have never been trained themselves. Were muted confessions have lost force. Weaken and address, with the taste of the magic charm of fascination, a dream, to look and smile as the source of inspiration was wonderful for me and make a wise revitalizador universe. I became associated in my own existence in the parade of my days. Transcend me. Broke shackles, stir strong emotions sleeping in silence, painful, I am shaken, and left overflowing enhance the vitality and grandeur.

I lived in a permanent state of unrest. Devote myself to causes. Meet objectives sought. With harmony in unlove in lassitude. I was aggressive, obsessive, sweet, serene, quiet, authentic. Involved me in robes of light, of audácia.Tomei the reins of life and appealed to my power. Challenged and challenged me. Hold on. Desama and loved. Love in hope, in desperation, in fascination. Loved every morning for silent happen. Walk by hills and valleys, walked one thousand miles each second, traveled roads that were not mine, I fell in awful precipices. Hurdle deadly. Defended my time and my desires, and when I felt empty, ran to the taste of the wind you listen to the whispers and feel the breeze.

I cried and dropped into leaks of loneliness and love. I was tired, exhausted, dismayed, forgotten. Trips were rewarding, splendid, by way of fear and unity, which sometimes led to hope, the wisdom and renewal. Raised me when I fell, even though the trail of mud and stones I had already hurt the feet, even if the density of the forest I had already torn, torn. Tormented in the circle of silence answered, always, to the miracle, the mystery of life which I supported, surrounded and protected. I confess that I lived and faced deserts, oasis and paradise islands in the sound of a melody that filled my life. Successive years were with her in the heart, making me that the boat around the coast, to sound the echo of the lighthouse and the light. I was dependent on their line. When I heard it and even when rejected. She was the traffic signal of my existence. It was my alarm clock without hours of dawn and it was too good. It was motivating and desperate. It was and remains what has been and thus will be ... Concert for One Voice, was the song of my life.

Everything revolved around it (as is possible.) The first time I have contact with that speed was 45 in Luanda, on Radio Ecclesia, when needed a code for a new program. Would Ana Maria Bello Marques to discover it. I heard it and, at the same time, I was the most exciting and indelible state of fascination. I was curious and often the use (or would be provocative?) Is that life would find over the course of my profession (it is too long a story to tell). Concert for One Voice was composed by Saint Preux, in 1969. Was 19 years. Danielle Licari interpreted it as well as chills.

-Dabadá, dabadabadabadá-dabadabá. Badaba badabada badaba uabididaba. Badabada badabadaba uabididaba ... Never heard more than that, and enough!


The music is the universal language of mankind

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